Zero Club - Regular Giving

Zero Club - Regular Giving


Your regular gift will help to achieve zero deaths from breast cancer

By joining a community of determined regular givers you will help us to achieve the vision of zero deaths from breast cancer.  Regular giving is powerful because it provides a sustainable income so we can plan for the future. Your gift can help women and their families across Aotearoa through our four pillar programme of education and awareness, support, advocacy and research. 

We receive no government funding so a gift like this, so your regular donation, is an exceptional way to ensure your kindness lives on, saving women’s lives long after you have gone.

Paul and children

You can be assured that your gift will help people like Paul Leslie and his family, who lost their beloved wife and mother, Miffy, to breast cancer.

Like us, Paul believes in a future where people no longer die from breast cancer.

"Miffy never lost hope that there was something that would save her. It wasn’t to be - not for us. But I believe that one day there will be zero deaths from breast cancer."


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