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The Zero Club is a passionate and determined group of regular givers with a vision of zero deaths from breast cancer. People like you giving anything they can to prove we can beat breast cancer when we work together.

Every day, nine women are diagnosed with breast cancer in New Zealand. That’s 3,500 women every year. And every year more than 650 Kiwis die of breast cancer. It’s the number one cause of death in women under 65.

With your help, we are working towards zero deaths from breast cancer, so that people like Paul Leslie and his family, who lost their beloved wife and mother, Miffy, to breast cancer, don’t have to suffer through the same pain and grief.

Like us, Paul believes in a future where people no longer die from breast cancer.

“Miffy never lost hope that there was something that would save her. It wasn’t to be - not for us. But I believe that one day there will be zero deaths from breast cancer”.
Miffy with her two children
Miffy with her two children
“Miffy never lost hope that there was something that would save her. It wasn’t to be - not for us. But I believe that one day there will be zero deaths from breast cancer”.

Why your monthly giving is so powerful

With the Zero Club monthly giving programme, you’re taking action in the fight towards zero deaths from breast cancer and making a difference – every single month. Click on the headings below to see how your regular gift will help.

Your monthly donation is powerful because it provides sustainable income so we can plan for the future. Your regular gift will help achieve zero deaths through our four pillar programme:

  1. Education and awareness
  2. Support
  3. Research
  4. Advocacy

Education and awareness

Nine women are diagnosed with breast cancer every day in NZ. Early detection is the key to saving lives. We promote this through education and support programmes that raise awareness about the importance of self-checking and mammograms. A team of expert breast health nurses travel around NZ in our iconic pink caravan and an education programme which continues their work with nurses who are available to give presentations on request.


Our free support progammes staffed by professional breast nurses help patients and their whānau through a breast cancer diagnosis. Nurses are available at the end of the telephone or online through mybc to answer questions. We also offer access to counselling to help with further emotional support. And physio and lymphedema therapy is available to help with recovery post-surgery.


Your monthly gift will fund New Zealand-based research projects to improve outcomes for breast cancer patients.

The quality of breast cancer research in New Zealand is outstanding, and every year the Foundation receives high-quality applications from universities, District Health Boards (DHBs), New Zealand-based research companies and health professionals.

To date, BCFNZ has distributed more than $13 million for breast cancer research and medical grants including through Te Rēhita Mate Ūtaetae, the Breast Cancer Foundation National Register, which is revolutionising breast cancer research.


With your help we advocate for positive change. We do this by making sure that at-risk groups have access to funded mammograms, all New Zealanders have access to treatment and care, there are guidelines to improve consistency of care and we continue to fight for access to life-changing drugs. Our advocacy programmes work towards a vision of zero women dying from breast cancer.

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