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    Nationally your donations help fund:


    • Te Rēhita Mate Ūtaetae, the Breast Cancer Foundation National Register, which tracks breast cancer rates, treatments and outcomes, providing insights for medical research.
    • Numerous research projects aimed at understanding the disease and developing more effective treatments – right here in NZ.
    • An Australasian Clinical Trials Database so anyone can view the latest breast cancer drug trials under way.


    • BCFNZ educators who run seminars and attend events around the country, year-round, to promote breast health awareness.
    • The BCFNZ Pink Caravan bringing the message to small towns lacking access to breast health facilities, and direct to workplaces so that employees can visit while they are at work.
    • National media campaigns raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, and the importance of screening.
    • Targeted breast health information in GP waiting rooms and on Health TV.
    • Breast cancer training for health professionals around symptoms, diagnosis and patient care.
    • Development of breast health resources, both online and hard copy.
    • Pre Check, an app that helps users learn about the signs of breast cancer, as well as how to do their own self-check.
    • Production and distribution of around 550,000 educational materials to at-risk communities around NZ.
    • Online training modules (CME) accredited for GPs, practice nurses and medical professionals.
    • Grants for breast nurses to attend medical conferences for their continued medical training.
    • Funding towards medical conferences, symposiums, experts’ visits and patient/consumer days to share the most up-to-date information between health professionals and with the public.

    Support Services

    • A specialist breast care nurse to advise worried women and those with breast cancer on our free 0800 breast health advice line (0800 BC NURSE).
    • An online community, mybc, that links patients and their families no matter where they are in New Zealand, and offers support, advice and encouragement.
    • Following a call with our BCFNZ nurses, individual counselling sessions may be granted for individuals diagnosed with breast cancer.
    • Cancer Rehab - Our BCFNZ nurses are here to provide you with information, encouragement and a boost to confidence when you need it before, during or after treatment. They also work closely with specialist health professionals including Pinc and Steel physios across New Zealand, so can advise you about specialist support in your local community.
    • The Pink Dragons, a dragon boating team for breast cancer survivors.
    • Breast cancer information packs for the newly diagnosed.
    • Regular web-based seminars for breast cancer patients who can attend via computer, tablet or phone from anywhere in New Zealand. They can question members of the panel during the webinar, giving them access to expert advice they otherwise might not get.
    • Breast Cancer Services Directory – connects people with breast cancer to services in their area.
    • The Breast Cancer Support website linking New Zealanders with local support groups.
    • Advocating for world-class patient treatment and care.

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