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Pink Ribbon™ Card

Your Pink Ribbon™ Card

You can access BCFNZ-funded cancer rehab services by using a Pink Ribbon™ Card. Once approved, the funds will be loaded directly onto your personal card.

Funds should be available on your card 24 hours after we have approved them, and you can check your balance at any time.

Health professionals

Registering with will ensure patients can pay at your clinic using their Pink Ribbon™ Card.

Find out more in the FAQ for health professionals.

Information for people wanting support

What is the Pink Ribbon™ Card?
What services can I pay for with a Pink Ribbon™ Card?
Where can I use my Pink Ribbon™ Card?
Can I apply for both services?
I want to apply for free counselling. If approved, will the funding also get loaded onto my Pink Ribbon™ Card?
How do I apply to get my own Pink Ribbon™ Card?
If my application for funding is approved, how do I receive my Pink Ribbon™ Card?
Once my funding application for a service has been approved, how long before the funds are loaded onto my card?
How do I use my Pink Ribbon™ Card?
How much is on my Pink Ribbon™ Card?
How long will my funding application take?
I only have one service funded on my Pink Ribbon™ Card. If I need another service in the future such as lymphoedema therapy funding, how do I apply for this?
What should I do with my Pink Ribbon™ Card after my last session?
Who do I contact if I am having issues with my card?

Information for health professionals

What is the Pink Ribbon™ Card?
How can I register to accept BCFNZ-approved patients?
I am already signed up with, where do I direct clients to apply for funding?
Can I apply for BCFNZ funding on their behalf?
How do I check the balance on my client’s Pink Ribbon™ Card?
When my client has finished their sessions, what should they do with the Pink Ribbon™ Card?
Who do I contact if I need help with the service?

Privacy, Terms and Conditions

BCFNZ has Terms and Conditions for support services, funding and use of the Pink Ribbon Card.

View our Privacy Policy on the BCFNZ website.

By applying for BCFNZ funding you also accept the Privacy Policy.

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