Cancer Rehabilitation


Cancer Rehabilitation

Staying active during breast cancer treatment

When you've been diagnosed with breast cancer, or are having treatment, there are things you can do to stay as well as possible.

There is growing evidence that improving fitness, nutrition and wellbeing in the pre-treatment period and during cancer treatment can mean side effects are less intense and recovery is faster.

We understand people will often feel overwhelmed in the period between diagnosis and treatment, making it difficult to introduce changes to exercise and diet. The information on our website suggests simple changes to help keep you active before starting, during, and after cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.

Reach out for support

One key to success is involving your family, whānau, friends or colleagues in your plans. They can help by shopping for you, preparing nutritious meals and doing activities such as walking or simple exercise routines with you. Our BCFNZ nurses are also here to provide you with information, encouragement and a boost to confidence when you need it. They also work closely with specialist health professionals including Pinc and Steel physios across New Zealand so can advise you about specialist support in your local community.

Plan your approach

We recommend people contact our nurse team as soon as they can following a diagnosis, or even before this when waiting for results. Our nurses work with people over the phone to:

  • Assess individual needs
  • Provide information about maintaining fitness, nutrition and wellbeing throughout cancer treatment
  • Help you prepare for post-surgical exercises
  • Support you to continue exercising and build fitness in the months and years following treatment
  • Connect you to health professionals and community groups offering rehabilitation exercise in your region.

Fitness before treatment

Learn more about what you can do to improve your health before surgery and treatment.

Fitness during and after treatment

Learn more ways to improve recovery and rehabilitation after treatment.

Pink Ribbon™ Card

If we provide funding to visit a Pinc Physio this will be sent to yo on our easy to use prepaid BCFNZ Pink Ribbon Card, or if you're a health professional, you can learn more about the prepaid card here.

Get started

When you're ready to begin your rehab journey, fill out this form and one of our specialist breast nurses will be in touch to help.

If you have any questions or need to talk things through with someone, get in touch with our specialist breast nurses. Call 0800 226 8773 or email

We're here to help

If you've got questions about our support services, get in touch.