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What we do

What will our political parties do for breast cancer?

The 2023 Breast Cancer Election Scorecard

This year we sent our main political parties two surveys, one in April and one in August, asking what they will or won’t do for breast cancer if elected. We used their answers from the first survey, along with up-to-date knowledge, to refine our questions for the second survey. 

Our objectives were to tell our political parties the most critical things they can do for breast cancer over the next three years to shape their manifestos and plans, and learn where they stand heading into the election. We assessed what they said and compiled their answers into scorecards. These scorecards are a way for all of us – you, Breast Cancer Foundation NZ and our politicians - to know what each party will or won’t do about breast cancer if elected. It is up to you what you do with this information and how you vote.

Over the next term of government, Breast Cancer Foundation NZ will lean into their commitments, hold them to account, and keep providing the evidence and solutions needed to shape what they do to tackle breast cancer.

Promoted by Ahleen Rayner, Breast Cancer Foundation NZ, 11 York Street, Parnell, Auckland.

What we did

What we asked and why it matters
Who replied and our assessments

What we learnt

What we learnt – and our new starting point

What they told us

Free mammograms for women aged 70-74
Free screening for high-risk women aged 40-44
Enable and invest in AI in breast screening
Enable and invest in genomic testing
Fast-track referral system for high-risk women
Fund and reform Pharmac
Implement and use targets
Women’s health priorities