Helping someone with breast cancer


Helping someone with breast cancer

When someone is diagnosed, their loved one can be left on the sideline, feeling helpless.

But every patient needs support from those closest to her (or him). Find out how you can support your loved ones as they go through diagnosis, treatment, and life afterwards.

What do you say when someone has breast cancer?

We’ve found the words you need (and the ones you should avoid) to help you have those first conversations when someone you love has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

How you can help

We’ve compiled a list of things that patients have told us helped them the most. Everyone has different support needs, but these steps are a great place to start.

Support for partners

Partners of those going through breast cancer often face their own difficult journey. Here are some resources that might help you during this tough time.

We’re here to help

If you’ve got questions about your breast health, get in touch.