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Many myths about cancer are prevalent in the society esp in India due to which many patients don’t go for the standard and proven methods of cancer diagnosis and treatment and waste the crucial period which leads to the cancer in advanced stages and makes it more difficult to cure. Valentis is committed to help abolish these myths and spread awareness so that the society is benefited with the advances in the cancer management.

  1. Cancer is Incurable; Even after treatment cancer comes back
  2. Biopsy causes the cancer to spread
  3. Chemotherapy & Radiation Therapy cause too much side effects
  4. Chemotherapy & Radiation Therapy cannot be given to elderly patients
  5. Cancer treatment is very costly
  6. All Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy treatments cause hair loss and vomiting
  7. Cancer causes severe pain


In fact, cancer is a curable disease. Every cancer is curable in early stages. Many cancers are curable even in advanced stages as lymphomas, testicular cancers, some pediatric cancers. There is long term data (of 20-25 years) available for many cancers.

Biopsy usually does not cause cancer to spread if done properly and is done when indicated. Unfortunately, there is myth amongst the general public that it causes the cancer to spread at fast pace and many patients don’t go for this diagnostic test and delay the treatment. Your doctor is trained and is there to kill the cancer and not to spread it ! and definitely, your doctor knows better than you!

It’s a pity that many patients lose their lives which could be saved had they follow the advice given to them.

Nowadays, chemotherapy drugs and radiation therapy treatments have been refined and don’t cause significant trouble to the patients. Any new and effective treatment is tested for its impact on the quality of life of patients also. Trust your doctor, he’ll be more worried about any side effect than you!

We are treating patients in their nineties and even at ages of more than 100 years with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Treatment is selected depending on the patient’s fitness and just on the chronological age.

Many families are scared of the cost and hence don’t go for the treatment for the cancers which could be cured. Treatment of around 90% of cancers is not costly at all. At Valentis, we offer the complete treatment for majority of common cancers in 1-1.5 lakhs INR only!

Hair Loss is not caused by all Chemotherapy drugs and all Radiation Therapy treatments. Vomiting is not a problem nowadays with the availability of better support medicines.

In fact, in early stages, cancer doesn’t usually cause pain. In advanced stages, it may cause pain due to the compression of nerves due to the cancer mass. But, this is relieved with the treatment.

Many families come to us and say that they have heard the statement (myth) from so many people; how so many people can be wrong?

But, please remember, none of these people would be a qualified cancer specialist. Please don’t get misguided by the myths in air. If you’ve any doubt, you should consult other cancer specialist; you may take many expert opinions. All the doctors will not be wrong.

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