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Cancer Pathology

The department of pathology started functioning in 1998. Since that time it has shown remarkable progress. The department is fully equipped with latest machines, and has trained and experienced staff

Following sections are conducting all the basic investigation round the clock:

  • Surgical pathology includes frozen section, histopathology and IHC
  • Cytology includes FNAC, fluid cytology, cytospin preparation, cell block
  • Haematology includes CBC, PBF, Bone marrow aspiration & Biopsy, and cytochemistry
  • Biochemistry includes RFT, LFT enzymes, lipid profile and electrolytes
  • Microbiology
  • Serology & immunology includes tumor markers, HIV & HBsAg, Hormone & anaemia profile by chemiluminsence.
Flow cytometery is due to start soon.

For specialized investigations laboratory has tie up with outside laboratories.

The department caters to the needs of the outdoor and indoor patients of the hospital, as well as to the outside cases for opinion.

DNB courses are running successfully for last 8 years.

National Cancer Registry – Hospital Based registry is an integral part of Valentis. All patients diagnosed as cancer & registered in hospital are included in registry.